Frequently Asked Questions


What are the services like?
All weekend experiences at NewSong are comprised of three primary elements:

  1. friendly, comfortable environment that emphasizes fellowship
  2. practical, life-changing communication of God’s Word
  3. intimate fellowship with God through worship, communion and prayer 


What can I expect if I decide to visit?
Come however you feel most comfortable, grab a coffee when you arrive, then come in and sit down in the main hall; we feature energizing music  that invites you to respond to God and practical teachings from the Bible that encourage you to live out your faith in daily living and challenge you to discover and experience Jesus Christ. It’s a friendly, informal atmosphere where you can relax & pursue your spiritual questions.  There is also a full children’s program (KidSong) from nursery through 5th grade that runs at the same time as our services.  


What is your music like?
Our music is modern in style and God-focused in substance, blending traditional  hymns and psalms with songs from original, independent songwriters. Each week we invite you to know Jesus and express your relationship with him. We tend to do that with a lot of energy, sincerity and heart-felt passion.  


What is taught at NewSong?
We teach directly from God’s Word in a style that is relevant and consistent with today’s culture; our goal is not just to educate you in Bible knowledge, but to equip you to fully live out your faith in Jesus.  Our teaching team consists of pastors, elders and ministry leaders who are committed to presenting the full Gospel in a practical way. We often use multimedia within our services to help visually communicate and reinforce a Scriptural truth or principle 


What’s up with the videos and graphics?
Movies, music & the arts often reflect everyday life issues we all face. Using these creative forms, we teach in relevant ways how Jesus makes a difference in our lives, our families & our future.


Is there anything for students?
We have multiple opportunities for students 6th grade through 10th & 11th- Post grad at college, you get involved and participate in NewSong. We host a free, monthly “open-table” dinner where students are encouraged to come and bring friends as we build relationships with each other, our community and with Christ. Students are also encouraged to become part of a ministry where they can take their spiritual journey to the next level. Finally, we offer internships and apprenticeships for students to gain valuable knowledge and experience within our ministries, programs and service areas. 

Throughout the week, you’ll see our teenagers heavily involved in the life of the church: leading service teams, participating in ministry planning and strategy, playing music, running audio/visual equipment, serving refreshments during fellowship – we believe you’re never too young to discover your place in God’s family.  


Why is NewSong different than other churches?
NewSong focuses on helping those who don’t connect with more traditional styles of church. While adhering to the essentials of the Christian faith, our services are upbeat, inspiring & directed at the needs & issues of today’s people. We remain focused on the absolute necessity for people to engage in a vital relationship with Jesus Christ. 


How do I connect with other people?
Come to a Sunday morning service. Go to one of our events. Check out one of our small groups. Come to a men’s or women’s breakfast. Check out what’s happening at youth group. Every Sunday there are Connect Cards available where you can select your areas of interests – fill one out and we will get in touch with you! We love to involve everyone and there are plenty of opportunities to be involved! Whether it’s on Sunday morning or in a different way throughout the week we encourage people to participate in what God is doing at NewSong! 



How do I find out more about NewSong?
Feel free to contact us at anytime by emailing 
We’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have and we hope to see you soon! 


How old is NewSong?
The church was started on January 28, 2000. 


What religion is NewSong?
Newsong is a Christian Church and follows all the essential teachings of historic, biblical Christianity.   


How is NewSong led?
Our administrative team is comprised of pastors, elders and deacons. Other teams of people also participate in various ministries that happen each week and birth new ministries that meet needs and relate to our vision and sense of what God’s called us to do.