About Us

What We’re About…

In Your Life:
Jesus is eager to be involved in every aspect of your life. At NewSong, we strive to help you be the best you you can be. God created only one you (and you are the best you). Wherever you may be in your travels, we can help guide you to have a stronger relationship with our Creator.


In The Community and World:
Like Jesus, we lead by serving… we love and serve our community in any way that God leads us. Our mission is to passionately demonstrate God’s love for all His children. From soup kitchens and public events to delivering food to the lonely, we aim to reach out and bless all those we can.

And In Our People:
NewSong is a community journeying to discover what God can do in their lives.


Who We Are

Administrative Council

Lead Pastor: Geoff Smith
Elders: Jeff Garber, Moumini Ouedraogo and Greg Thompson
Deacons: Laura Kevghas, Wes Malewicz, Susie Okuhara and Bob O’Malley

The Administrative Council works together to shape the vision and direction of the churc
Young Adult Leader – Chris Donahue